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  Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 112008pngfit girl born and raised in Venezuela with Italians roots. She reached a Pharmacist degree in her motherland, before she specialized with a master's degree on Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology.

  She had the opportunity to be featured in some medias, and work like a health and fitness writer/editor, specialized in athlete supplementation for a recognized Miami based Magazine, where in a short time, she brought out her talent by combining her two passions: science and sports. A talent that, would later lead her not only to write about health and fitness, but also to take part in the sports editors team, covering special events such as Rio 2016 and the US Open in the same year.

  Her knowledge about, the impact of each nutrient and chemical substance on the body, led her to develop new and healthy strategies to improve physical performance, aimed at athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

  Her constancy and discipline have been the basis of her approach, even in the most difficult moments that she has gone through.

   She loves traveling, reading, training hard, listening music and enjoying most of the sporting events... especially when it comes to soccer.

    The most important things for her are the Family, stay humble and do not go to bed without learning something.

Antonella Annunziato Langone



- "Antonella is a person wonderful to work with, has an exceptional expertise in leadership,      coaching and motivation. She is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical and very capable."

 - Luis Alfredo Andarcia  * Production Director at © Latin Plus Entertainment.

 - "Antonella is an amazing bilingual writer! Very professional freelance writer                     

to work with."

 - Dorys Millán  * Social Media Branding & Advertising Manager - Founder & Editor of © Alma Latina Magazine, © The Better Girl Project  and ©Millan Brand Consulting Co. 

- "Excellent professional, responsible and has a lot of valuable information on the subject of health. Write very well in Spanish."

- Katian Castro * Journalist / Tv & Events Producer - General Producer.

As a Dr of Pharmacy, I understand the balance between health, diet and exercises based on a chemical concept 


  Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 113529pngost Pharmacists are based on the prescription of medicinal substances. I'm based on a healthy lifestyle. Medication is only one little part of the formula to achieve the state of wellness. Health is the result of the sum of diet, exercise and mindset in perfect balance.

   I share my healthy method on my social medias on a daily basis. I regularly make content for the media. I've been featured on Columna Estilos, Estilos Blog, Cirutips, Venue Magazine, Alma Latina Magazine, The Better Girl Project, CHI of South Florida, and more.

   You'll never see me using and recommending something I don't believe in or use for myself.

   I consider myself fortunate, for achieve my balance, and be capable of share the journey with my audience.

  Let's make us a better version of ourselves, one day at time!

Embrace your goals, stand like a warrior...

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